With Legacy Apparel Branded LLC., your vision is only a click  and a print away.


Our Vision

Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation (aka. Sublimation/Sublimated Tees) is an awesome printing technique that allows for vibrant, full color, all-over print tees and garments. The artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto the tee using heat and pressure.

Silkscreen Printing

Screen printing can also be referred to as silk printing because of the process used to transfer the ink onto the surface such as paper, wood, rock, and most commonly today, clothing like t-shirts. A screen comprised of silk is used to help filter color onto t-shirts, tote bags, and countless other items. We can help!                 

We also have CUSTOM INKS.

When customers ask for custom colors, we head to the lab to create different colors.

We Offer Glow in the dark, Color shift, as well as glitter and metallic flake.

Our Strength

Heat Transfer Printing / Vinyl Printing

Transfer printing is a broad term used to describe any sort of technique where the design is first printed on a non-textile surface so it can later be transferred onto a different one – hence the word ‘transfer.’ Most transfers are done with a kind of vinyl which is later sealed (much like a sticker) onto the T-shirt using a heat press..